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Learning about the Sun through Plants

Teach your child about the sun with the help of plants

“It’s round, orange and so bright!” This is probably how your child describes the sun. But we know there’s so much more to it! Now’s a great time to Experience More Together by teaching your child about the sun with the help of plants. You can show how sunlight helps a plant to grow, then how the lack of sunlight stunts growth, and then discuss with your child why there’s a difference!

The gift of growing!

Take a transparent glass or mineral waterbottle. Cover the bottom sufficiently with cotton, then place three green beans on the cotton. Position the glass near a window where it can get lots of sunlight, then get your child to pour water into the glass every day and watch the beans grow!

Staying in the shade

Conversely, repeat the same experiment, but keep the plant in the shade, away from the sun. After a few days, your child would notice a stark difference!

What’s the difference?

After you’ve conducted both experiments with your little one, this is your chance to sit down with them and talk about the results. Let them lead the conversations at first, and if they don’t figure it out themselves, then prompt them with hints like, “Did we put them in different places, sweety?”

And, of course, be sure to snap photos of the plants with your little one before and after they’ve grown and share those photos with us! We can’t wait to see your little gardener in action!

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