5 Lessons from Pregnancy My Younger Self Could Have Used

By: Mommy Ponggo

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5 Lessons from Pregnancy My Younger Self Could Have Used

You know how they say that life will keep on giving the same lessons until you finally learn them?

You know how they say that life will keep on giving the same lessons until you finally learn them? That’s how pretty much my pregnancy has taught me.

Here goes a second dose of lessons and I’m writing them here so that in case I forget, I can look back at this post someday.

Take care of yourself. – When I got pregnant, I finally realized that to be able to take care of another human being, I have to take care of myself. I used to work and work until I was burned out. I had to make sure I get some nap time in the middle of the day so I get to recharge. If our laptops & phones need to reboot, so do we. Haha.

Conserve your energy. — I realized I would not get angry or emotional as much anymore. I figured I needed to conserve my energy if I want to be more efficient & effective with my time. It’s the same when I got pregnant. I was always afraid Riley might get affected with my emotions so I learned to slow down in that department.

Eat healthy. – I’ve never been a healthy eater more than ever. When I got pregnant, the doctor told me I can’t limit my food intake or the baby won’t receive enough nutrients. Even if it was allowed to a certain extent, I stayed away from the following as much as possible: strong tea, too much coffee, raw meat & raw eggs.

Okay, I still had my dose of chocolates but I always make sure the food I eat is nutritious. I no longer skip breakfast / dinner or just have chips & chocolates for lunch. Lol.

When I was pregnant, I was watching Riley develop during month-to-month ultrasound visits. That’s when I truly realized that it’s rewarding to have proper nutrition. I’ve never been so meticulous about the nutritional value of what I consume. I used to worry solely about calories. Hihi. I’m so happy that my milk is equally nutritious. Frisomum has 130 years of experience to ensure that pregnant & lactating moms have a happy & healthy journey. (Peace of mind, check!)

Hydration is key. – Water is another thing. I used to hate the taste of water among other things like the smell of bar soap & perfumes when I was still pregnant (ugh, thank you hormones). I always had to drink something flavored but healthy like freshly-pressed fruit juice and milk. I’m also not a fan of having to take in huge tablets of supplements every day then so it was awesome that things like Frisomum was available. In fact, it’s easy to consume thanks to its vanilla flavor. :DWhen I was younger *gahhh I feel so old saying this*, I always held on to the power of medicines when I felt like I was going to get sick from being overworked. But, a lot of them are not allowed for pregnant women. Thanks to Frisomum, I never got sick when I was preggy despite the fact that you would see me at events here and there. I was hydrated even if it wasn’t water per se and I was getting the essential stuff like vitamins, minerals and especially probiotics and prebiotics!

Stay informed. My friends can attest I’m a walking trivia of pregnancy. Hahahaha. I would always explain the science behind things like morning sickness, the baby’s size and other quirky things about being pregnant and the baby’s behavior. I get my info by reading up on the net from reliable sites, my pregnancy app Ovia, asking my doctor and other moms about their experience. I’ve never Googled and asked my doctor so much stuff in my life from pregnancy symptoms to milk content.

I guess that’s what you do when you want the best for your baby. Hahaha. So, if you’re going about how you can be your healthiest during your pregnancy, read more about being a Frisomum here:

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