Experiencing More with Friso Four!

By: Mommy Rina

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Experiencing More with Friso Four!

I want to savor every moment being a teacher, a playmate, a counselor, an entertainer, a driver, and sometimes a cook.

It’s been a roller coaster of experiences and emotions since I gave birth. I think I may have experienced some post-partum during the first few weeks, at the same time I made sure that I tried doing what I could for myself. I didn’t want to ask for help. When I finally put infant Rain to sleep, I would be the one to clean her bottles, fix other stuff, and by the time I was all set to sleep, she would be awake. Rain is my first and currently my only child. And even when I just gave birth to her, my mind was (and still is) dreadfully racing towards the day when she would go out to the real world on her own. Call me possessive. But I just basically want to physically be there with her every step of the way as long as I still can, and as long as she will allow me to.

Not to mention that being there during the early stages of childhood is the most important stage because these are the developmental eras of a child. This is actually the biggest reason why I chose to be a stay-at-home mom. I wanted to physically be there every waking moment. Until now I’m the one who helps her take a shower, feed her, walk her to school, personal shopper. I want to savor every moment being a teacher, a playmate, a counselor, an entertainer, a driver, and sometimes a cook (“sometimes” because I’m not a good cook).

Other parents may think that I’m spoiling my daughter by always being there. But I don’t really care because the thing is, years can fly by really fast. Before we know it, she’ll be all grown up, and she will probably be spending more time doing other “tween” things rather than playing with us.

And so from this early on, I want to make sure we give what she needs when it comes to her development. Because she will need this to survive going out into the real world. I want her to grow up to be a smart, secure, and confident girl. So to have more fun experiences together with Rain, I need to make sure she doesn’t only get enough emotional support, but that she gets the proper nutrition as well. And this task becomes a challenge when your child is a picky eater (like her dad), and like most kids are. Luckily, there’s a way to remedy this. And one great way is to give her the proper milk that helps her with her development. Like Friso Four.

Friso Four is a pro-digestion milk formula that uses LockNutri. LockNutri is a way of preserving protein’s natural structure. This way, it’s easier to digest, lessens constipation, and in turn allowing Rain to get the full nutritive value of milk. It has essential nutrients such as iron, zinc, phosphorus, and prebiotics. Friso Four is a great aid for our little Rainbow’s proper growth and development.

Friso Four is perfect for Rain’s age to make her strong not only outside but inside. Healthy cows are fully-nurtured so they can produce top quality milk. With this gift of nature, scientist goes further by make it even more nutritious letting it undergo with a special process called LockNutri Technology that helps lock in the cow milk’s nutrients. And with LockNutri technology, even if you heat the milk, it will not kill off the nutrients packed in it. It’s great for little ones with sensitive tummies too! Talk about the perfect combination of nature and science! I guess that’s why Rain’s pediatrician prefers it compared to other brands in the market.

In closing, the more nutrition my little Rainbow gets, the healthier she is, the more confident she is. The more fun family adventures we’ll have together! Having a milk like Friso Four helps moms like me feel more secure in aiding in their emotional and physical growth. And those are 2 great things I can have peace of mind with as a mom.

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