Friso Four: A Partner in our Kid's Milestones

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Friso Four: A Partner in our Kid's Milestones

I’m lucky because I’ve realized how time flies earlier on, and so I’ve made sure to savor precious moments with him each time.

I caught my son giggling while listening to past recordings on my old phone last night. He was listening to his voice reciting a poem when he was five, then to our duet practicing the script for the Moving Up ceremony he hosted last school year.

“The days have been fast! You’re going to another grade level!” I told him.

“Yes, Mama. And I’m excited!”

Before I slept, it came to me once more that my child is growing so fast. But no, I didn’t wonder where the time went as I have always been there, every step of the way. I’m lucky because I’ve realized how time flies earlier on, and so I’ve made sure to savor precious moments with him each time. Happily, I have been sharing his interest and I have been constantly involved in his growing years.

It’s truly a blessing that I am able to watch Kyle grow. And I am also immensely happy that I can do the same with his little brother.

But it’s not just me, actually. My husband is also equally involved in raising our kids. We do things together for them. For example, with our little one, my husband helps me change his diaper, put him to sleep, bathe him and so on. I don’t deprive him from being a dad to his bunso by not allowing him to do things that are falsely labeled to be just ‘mommy chores’. And, when it comes to disciplining our kids and making sure that they make the most of life’s experiences, we are of course a team. Not only that, we are also together in dreaming and working hard for our family.

As mom, I put special importance in giving my children the right nutrition. I make sure that my little one and the kuya eat balanced diet. Fruits, vegetables and meat are musts in their daily meals and I try to put more colors in their plate(because different colors of food also contain different nutrients, they say!). I understand how important it is for the kids to get the right amount of nutrition so they can enjoy different experiences where they get to learn more.

While eating healthy, I let my children explore the outdoors. Although I know that they can stumble and fall in any adventure (which I naturally worry about), I also know experiences will make them stronger and wiser.

To help my children make the most of life’s experiences, I make sure they eat and drink healthy. When it comes to my firstborn Kyle, I make sure that he drinks milk daily, like Friso Four.

Friso Four makes Kyle strong inside. It takes the best of nature and science. From its farms, cows are nurtured with extra care to get top quality milk. Scientists make the most of this natural goodness with a special process that locks in milk protein. Yup, it helps kids get the right building blocks to be strong from the inside – allowing them to take on every experience.

Friso Four is a great partner in a child’s milestone as it gives a child the full nutritive value of milk. Friso Four is also a pro-digestion milk formula which uses LockNutri, a way of preserving the natural structure of protein without over-heating, making it easy to digest for delicate tummies.

And, I am happy to share with you that Friso Four has partnered with Mercury Drug. That’s right, moms! If you’re planning to purchase any time soon, Friso can now be conveniently purchased there! Find Friso Four at selected Mercury Drugstores in GMA, Luzon, and Cebu. To learn more about Friso, you may also visit them on FB: and their website:

Going back to my kids, aside from providing them the right nourishment and letting them enjoy a myriad of experiences in life, I am also putting a premium on our family time. I love it when we eat meals together, talk about how school went together, share joys (even defeats) together, do household chores together and go on vacations together. Family time is something near and dear to my heart because aside from the joy of spending time as a family, it also helps our children feel more loved thus more confident and secure.

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