Friso Four : A Combintation of Nature and Science

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Friso Four : A Combintation of Nature and Science

Being a millennial mom opens up a lot of opportunities. Information is now available online through blogs, forums, etc.

Being a millennial mom opens up a lot of opportunities. Information is now available online through blogs, forums, etc. Montessori, and other progressive schools are now everywhere competing with the tradional schools that most parents attended. Now, every parent has more choices to pick through to better decide the path for their child's future.

Now that Jami is 3 years old, he became more physically, mentally and socially active. Although I could see that he's very independent, I still worry that he might get hurt in the process of learning new stuff. He's very insistent on buying his stuff for school like his bag, shoes, pen and papers, crayons and umbrella and - yes an umbrella, too. Instead of saying that he can't go to school yet, I try my best to use a positive phrase like saying "Yes, we'll go to school next year now that you're already three." I am not sure if he understands but at least I explained it in a way that he won't feel disregarded.

Now that schooling becomes a topic more often, I am now trying my best to understand the K-12 program, progressive, Montessori, traditional school, nursery, kinder and preparatory. Honestly, they are confusing but I know I'll get there.

As physically active as he can get, he would always stand up on chairs, get on the tables, get his small stool on top of another chair and would sit down, I try to say "No" but I'm reminded that he is trying to learn new stuff that surely would be more beneficial to him in the future. I was once a child who was curious of everything and I remember how it felt, the need to do the things that are "fun" or "interesting". Instead, of simply saying "no", I'll hear myself saying "Careful, you might fall" or just basically let him do it and watch him closely to make sure that accidents won't happen. I can only spend time with him after work or on weekends so I make sure that when he grows up, he would remember me as his Mommy who is very supportive of whatever he does.

In line with my never ending worry, which is, if I may add a natural response of any mother, I worry that Jami will be vulnerable in the process of development (physically, mentally, emotionally, socially), I am also on the lookout for a milk that has a natural nutrients.

Friso Four takes the best combination of nature and science. From its farms, cows are nurtured with extra care to get quality milk. It uses LockNutri technology, which preserves the natural nutrient of milk without over-heating, making it easy to digest for delicate tummies. This makes sure that kids drink milk that's easy on their tummies so kids would get all the nutrient that are useful to their demanding growth. Friso Four was truly made by nature and made better with Science, giving my child the right building blocks to have a strong inside allowing him to take on every experience.

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