5 Things that Made Me Enjoy a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy

By: Mommy Jhem

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5 Things that Made Me Enjoy a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy — it’s not an easy experience to every mom yet she bears it for 9 months with so much love and care.

Pregnancy — it’s not an easy experience to every mom yet she bears it for 9 months with so much love and care. You’re also battling with those crazy pregnancy symptoms that keep you uncomfortable most of the time. You’re worried about your unborn child, about his future, and for yourself, thinking if you can take care of him properly.

Though every pregnancy is different, and that it comes with a new responsibility, you can’t deny the presence of excitement of having a new member of the family. Because when the big day comes, and you finally meet your womb’s little tenant, your heart is filled with joy. So much joy!

I realized I am braver and stronger than I can imagine when I got pregnant and gave birth to my little Cody more than a year ago. Knowing that I delivered him through C-section, that doesn’t mean I didn’t experience hardship in bringing him into this world because pregnancy itself comes with pain, difficulties, worries, and those things that you might have never encountered in your pre-pregnancy life. Some may say that giving birth through C-section is as easy as sleeping and waking up with your child beside you, oh no, it’s not as easy as you imagine. Fingers crossed!

You know, I’m a person who wants to keep things organized, especially when we’re talking about the future. So when we suspected that we might be expecting, we sought confirmation and advice from our doctor. Because trust me, you’ll still need a reassurance that you’re doing the right thing, and that’s what I did, no matter how confident and excited I was on this meaningful stage of my life. It’s my first pregnancy so I didn’t take chances to make sure that I’m not going through this alone. And that I am armed with proper care and guidance.

Things that helped me enjoy a happy and healthy pregnancy:

Understanding pregnancy symptoms

All through my pregnancy, it’s a good thing that I didn’t throw up even from day 1. That’s a good thing because if I did, I wouldn’t know how I would keep myself organized for the day after I spent my energy vomiting. It’s also a good thing because the food and medicines, e.g. vitamins don’t go wasted through vomiting, because my body needs enough of it to keep myself with a happy and healthy pregnancy. But whoa, dizziness had come my way and I couldn’t go shopping or somewhere else when I was alone because I was afraid that I might fall, lose control, and hurt my belly.

Some part of my body had become darker due to hyperpigmentation. I never used any product to resolve this issue during my pregnancy, because I know I don’t have to feel bad about it as it is normal and it will lighten over time, right?

Another pregnancy symptom is that I became very emotional, even on small things. Sometimes, I watched TV and laughed hard. Sometimes, I easily cry when I remember something from the past, when someone said something about me, or when I simply can’t reach something I want to get or eat from the kitchen. Oh boy, you’ll think I’m crazy but I’m not!

Just like the other pregnancy symptoms, the culprits are those pregnancy hormones! Yes, again and always! I know every pregnant woman might experience one or more of what I felt, we all go through this as our body is adjusting from its pre-pregnancy state to accommodate its new tenant.

Love and support from my husband

With all those crazy pregnancy symptoms, there were times I wished my husband was with me by my side, to hold my hand, to comfort me, or give me a back massage when it ached like hell. Though he always kept his eyes on me even in my sleep via Skype, he could see what was happening with me. I could tell him what I was feeling, and I sometimes felt like I was alone.

You know, I can’t take that feeling away knowing my husband was living in Australia while I was going through this alone in the Philippines. If you had your husband on your side throughout your pregnancy, consider yourself a day luckier than me. Hihi.

It wasn’t easy, but I had to stay strong for our “little us” [read: son] so I could have a happy and healthy pregnancy by minimizing my worries. I just had to look on the brighter side, kept on thinking that it won’t be long and he will be with me soon.

If it wasn’t easy for me, it wasn’t easy for him either. By the distance, he would always worry about me and our child. He was always doing his best to make me feel his full support and that everything will be alright. Everything felt better somehow when he arrived a month earlier before my delivery date! Yayy!

Keeping track of my child’s development everyday(and oh, weekly!)

As a first time mom-to-be, everything about the development of the growing child in my womb was something I didn’t want to miss! I’m glad that the digital world had made our life convenient to keep ourselves updated on what was going on and what were the possible pregnancy symptoms I might feel on a weekly basis to get myself ready.

So I downloaded 2 different pregnancy apps to keep myself on track and to know (well, by a progressive mom’s heart) that my child is okay. Every day had made me so excited about my growing child, especially whenever I watch a 3D video of the weekly development of my child. I also read a lot and never got tired of reading from the apps about my pregnancy and my current milestone.

I also took photos of myself every month, wearing the same clothes so I could see some changes on the size of my belly on a monthly basis.

Prenatal vitamins and a healthy diet are my friends

Regularly taking my prenatal vitamins had become my habit since my doctor prescribed them to me. As far as I can remember, I didn’t miss a dose as I’m very scared to miss one and that I don’t want to miss taking it to make sure that my body is supplying enough nutrients for my little tenant’s needs.

I also paid attention to the foods I ate. Actually, I downloaded a prenatal diet plan to keep myself on track. I only ate foods that I really needed in every milestone of my pregnancy. They said that I still looked slim despite the burgeoning belly I was carrying. To be honest, I only ate healthy, the foods that I needed for my developing child – and that means no foods and drinks like hotdogs, sodas, and so much more… I only ate 1 cup of rice a day, more on fruits and veggies, and fishes that are rich in omega-3 and are mercury-safe (e.g. tilapia, milkfish, etc.).

Oh, because I read a lot during my pregnancy, I learned that when eating eggs, the safest you can eat is the hard-boiled to keep yourself and your developing child away from the possible danger of bacteria on eggs. Hard boiled, okay? It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Drinking milk is essential

I love drinking milk. It’s my daily source of calcium. But when I got pregnant, I switched to a prenatal milk supplement from my regular milk for my growing demand and for my child. Milk is milk, yet not all milk are the same, right?

Drinking milk became a part of my daily routine throughout my pregnancy. It helped me a lot! For me, it was one of every pregnant mom’s must-haves. Let’s be honest, some moms don’t drink their prenatal milk supplement during their pregnancy because they suspect that it could make them have a bigger belly. Some say they just cut it out of their budget to save money.

But you know what? I didn’t fall for that. It didn’t stop me from taking 2 glasses of milk everyday because for me, it’s essential to help me get the nutrients that I needed to support my growing child inside my womb, to help me enjoy a happy and healthy pregnancy, and to make sure that my little one is also happy and healthy inside. That’s my priority above all!

I believe that when you’re a mom, you always want the best for your child. But how can you do that if you are not healthy enough? It always starts with you, trust me!

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What do you think?

Are there some tips that you can suggest in having a happy and healthy pregnancy? What are your thoughts about FrisoMum?

*This is a sponsored post written by me for FrisoMum, but the content and opinions are my own.

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