Together, But Separate: How Technology Affects Family Time

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Together, But Separate: How Technology Affects Family Time

Technology can be both a blessing and curse to families.

There are things kids would be shy to tell their parents face to face which they may find easier to do through a text or a message. This “distance” and not immediately seeing their parents’ expression allows them to be more open about certain things.

Manage technology as a family.

Much has been written about the negative effects on technology on children and family life: poor grades, loss of quality time, less sensitivity on the part of the children, less respect for personal time, and less physical activity, paving the way for illnesses at an early age.
We don’t want any of these — not for ourselves or any member of our family, especially our kids. It’s up to us parents to do something about it.
1. Teach your kids about Internet safety

Enticing free newsletters and promos might encourage them to share personal information without completely understanding its repercussions. Teach them how this can be dangerous.

2. Be a great role model

Kids turn to their gadgets when they see that Mom or Dad is busy with their own gadgets, too, and not listening to what they have to say. Show them that you, too, can go offline and that you enjoy being with them more.

3. Have a spot where you can deposit your gadgets

Place a basket or box in areas of the home where the family gathers to spend time together, from dining room to living room. No one should be exempted from depositing their gadgets.

4. Learn the tech “language” the children are speaking

Today’s children are called “digital natives” because they have grown up with the kind of quickly advancing technology we have today. Be active on Facebook if your child is active there. Learn how to use Snapchat if they use it all the time.

5. Adjust connection settings and access

There are sites your children may come across that are not appropriate for their age. Make sure this doesn’t happen by blocking those sites out, with the assistance of your Internet service provider.
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