A Homely Guessing Game

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A Homely Guessing Game

Turn that curiosity into a chance to Experience More Together with a little game.

We bet your child’s been wandering around the house enthusiastically recently, opening doors or climbing up stairs or just being generally curious. Let’s turn that curiosity into a chance to Experience More Together with a little game for kids – where you introduce them to the different parts of the house, then hide their toys and set them on a “mission” to find their toys with some clues!

Getting the mission ready

First, take your little one on a tour around the house. Introduce them to the rooms and different types of furniture in each room, like the telephone and TV in the living room or the bed and dresser in the bedroom. To help your child remember all their names, stick little post-it notes with their names onto room doors or pieces of furniture.

Let’s go hunting!

When your tour’s finished, get your little one to wait in their room while you hide their favorite toys or chocolate bars in some of the rooms or within the furniture. Now it’s time for them to find all the prizes! Give them clues about where you’ve hidden them and let them figure it out. For example, “Can you tell mummy where the kitchen is? You can find your favorite snack there!”

A helpful guide

They should be able to figure out most of the clues, but just in case, stick with them and help them out where need be. You could use the warmer-or-colder approach or you could just give them a bit more detailed hints. Don’t tell them outright where it is, as far as possible though. This is about building their confidence and independence as much as it is about learning and fun!

At the end of it all though, don’t forget to take photos and videos of them on their little treasure hunt – and be sure to share it with all of us with different indoor game! To help support her resilience, give her Friso Four, milk for children, the growing up milk that helps your child become strong.
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