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Cardboard Body Lessons

Handicrafts can be more than just fun for your child.

Handicrafts can be more than just fun for your child. They can also be a great way to Experience More Together and teach them about their body too. Using recycled items, you and your little one can create a “copy” of themselves, and teach them about their body at the same time! You can make their copy, but also make one of yourself, as well as create a cardboard home for them!

Twice the fun!

Making a copy of your little one’s easy! Ask your child to lie on a piece of cardboard, then draw an outline of their body. Cut out their outline, then get your little one to decorate it with recycled items like bottle caps for the eyes and scrunched up newspapers for clothes – and voila! Get them to decorate each part of the body individually, so that you can teach them which part is which.

More mum to love!

Once they’ve seen how it’s done, get your child to do an outline of you too, then decorate it however you both see fit! Once your cardboard double’s complete, you can get your child to tell stories of the two of them together.

Cardboard home

It only makes sense that now that you’ve got a cardboard family, they’ll need a cardboard home! Together with your child, create cardboard backgrounds for your copies with crayons and paints. You could do one for your living room, but as your child’s stories start growing, make more backgrounds!

And, of course, be sure to snap some photos of your child’s cardboard family, then share it with your real famiy and all of us other mums here at Friso Experiences!
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