Learning while Camping at Home

Learning and Experiences

Learning while Camping at Home

They’re at the perfect age to take their imagination to the next level!

Your child is ready to Experience More Together now! They’re at the perfect age to take their imagination to the next level with a camp-out at home – and you can make a whole day of it, from getting the “animals” ready and setting up the tent to exploring their surroundings and all the creatures around.

Getting the animals ready

Grab your child’s favourite stuffed toys and hide them around the house. You could use furniture to build their enclosures, or cut out some tree shapes from coloured cardboard to make the animal’s habitats look wilder! Then, cut out animal prints from the cardboard and place them first where where your tent will be, then make a trail to where the animals are!

Let’s pitch the tent

Once the animals are all ready, you’ll want to clear out the furniture in the living room – because this is going to be a great big tent! Arrange four chairs to form four corners of a square and drape a bed sheet over them. Weigh the sheet down with some heavy books – and your tent’s ready! Throw in some pillows and blankets to make it comfy inside!

Go exploring!

Before you go out exploring, start by telling them stories about all the creatures of the wild! Leo the Lion loves lazing in the sun! Barney the Bear enjoys honey! Then, together, follow the tracks to where the animals are! Collect all the animals up, bring them into the tent and have a little party!

And, as always, remember to bring your camera into the tent and on your “jungle trek” to capture every single moment of your child’s excitement and happiness, which you can share with family and friends!
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