Let’s Play with the Wind and Paint

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Let’s Play with the Wind and Paint

At your child’s age, they probably know what wind is, but still can’t really answer that question

Ask your child, “How do you know when the wind is blowing?” At your child’s age, they probably know what wind is, but still can’t really answer that question – and that’s why this is a great time to Experience More Together and teach them by first reminding them how the wind feels, then bringing them to the park to remind them how the wind is like in nature, and finally making wind paintings!

The wind in their hair

Just to give your little one a reminder of how the wind feels, get them to stand in front of a fan and close their eyes. Then ask your child to feel the wind on their hair and skin, and explain to your child that signs such as cool breeze on skin and waving hair are indications of wind blowing.

The wind outside

Now, bring your child outside the house. It’s best if you could time this on a windy day though, so be sure to check the weather report. Ask them to close their eyes and tell you if they feel the cool breeze on their skin or their hair waving. They do? Get them to open their eyes because it’s time for the real fun to begin!

Wind paintings!

Get a nice, plain sheet of art paper and some watercolour paints. Ask your little one to pick their favourite colours and pour some paints onto the corners of the paper, like for example, red in the top left, blue in the top right, green in the bottom left and yellow in the bottom right. Now, get your little one to run around, waving the sheet in the wind! Soon, they’ll see that the wind has spread the paint all across the sheet making a really cool pattern!

Be sure to hang up their wind painting in the living room, but don’t forget to snap a photo of it for us to see too!
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