Making Toy Family with Your Child

Learning and Experiences

Making Toy Family with Your Child

Experience More Together – by getting them to create family portraits using toy blocks!

We’re sure your child’s already started drawing pictures of your family together. As wonderful as those doodles are, what’ll be great is if you could Experience More Together – by getting them to create family portraits using toy blocks! Make a whole day out of it by snapping photos together, building the block family with your little one, then creating stories together.

Family photos!

To give your little one a reference to work on, what you cold do is snap a couple of photos of the whole family together. This could be more than just an ordinary family portrait though – it could be a chance to make funny faces and dress up in silly costumes!

Rock around the block

Now it’s time to get down to building your block family together! Try to find pieces that resemble the colour of the clothes each of you is wearing, as well as the different shapes and sizes of each family member in the photo. It doesn’t have to be exact, but getting it close to right is part of the fun! And always be sure to compliment them on their creations!

Block story

A picture book is one way to go, but you could even film your little one acting out their story. Make sure to play a part in this little tale, so that they don’t get too camera shy. Once you’re done, upload the video for the whole family to see!

Backyard theater

When the whole block family’s assembled, ask your child to talk about each “character” they’ve put together and even create stories using the toys. Prompt them with themes like Family Holiday or Beautiful and Sunny Sunday. And if they come up with stories all on their own, you could even use their ideas for future outings!

And, as always, be sure to capture every single moment of their block party and share it all with everyone, to show the world how proud you are of your little one!

Playing with blocks also encourages your child to be creative and imaginative. After all, Dr. Ann Barbour from the California State University, has said that play is a good way for your child to express their emotions freely, and that’s a great time to tap into their imagination!

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