Mother Earth and the Family: Activities to get closer to Nature

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Mother Earth and the Family: Activities to Get Closer to Nature

Here are easy nature-tripping activities for the whole family!

Technology is causing more and more people to lead sedentary lives. The erratic weather — sometimes too hot, sometimes too rainy — can also discourage people from going outside, including children.

It’s up to Mommy and Daddy to make sure the family gets moving and spends enough time with nature. It is healthy and educational, and is a fun shared experience for everyone.

Here are activities that will make spending time with nature endless:

1. Gardening

Gardening is not only therapeutic; it also makes your home’s surroundings (but you can also do it indoors) even more beautiful. Take it a notch higher by planting herbs and vegetables you can harvest and cook!

2. Bird watching

You can do this in your backyard or at a camping site, from Rizal to Pulag. Bird watching trains your child to be observant and patient. He will also learn to appreciate the diverse fauna of our country.

3. Treasure hunting

Hone your child’s ability to follow instructions, think analytically, and solve problems with a treasure hunt that will have him explore the outdoors. Make the clues educational and hit several birds with one stone (pun intended).

4. Camping

Lots of children love setting up tents in the middle of the house. Take the tent outdoors and set up a telescope to observe the night sky while you’re at it. Having them sleep surrounded by nature is an experience they will never forget.

5. Having a picnic

If camping and sleeping outdoors is not exactly your thing, why not plan a family meal outdoors instead? It’s a different kind of experience and is more relaxed. Having it in a public park also allows the kids to run around and play.

6. Doing arts and crafts

Treat rocks like an empty canvas and create artwork on them. Draw and color on them for do-it-yourself paperweights you can give away as gifts. You can also arrange them in the form of flowers, rainbows, and the sun. Colorful!

7. Playing

Set aside the gadgets and RPGs and play a game of piko (hopscotch) or patintero with the family. It’s a great way to teach the kids traditional Filipino games, and is also good exercise since they will be jumping and running around.

8. Going to the beach

The beach is a different nature experience. There’s nothing like walking or running in the sand barefoot, swimming in the salt water, getting pushed by the waves, and watching the sun rise or set. Plan that beach trip today.
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