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Kids and Gadgets: What Parents Have to Say

We rounded up some parents and we asked if they allow their kids to use gadgets and why.Read more
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Easy Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costumes for Kids

Here are 5 easy DIY costume ideas that parents and their children can put together — bonding activity and a useful shared experience.Read more
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Playing Dress-up in the Backyard

It’s time Experience More Together with your child in the backyard! And why not mix things up a bit by playing a bit of nature-themed dress-up and storytime?Read more
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9 Ways to Help Your Child Get Strong Enough for Every Experience

Children are naturally curious. As a parent, you can help them grow up to be stronger physically, mentally and emotionally, so that they’ll be better equipped to discover and experience the world around them.Read more
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Gifts that keep giving: Christmas treats for kids

Who says only toys can make kids happy? We have other ideas for you!
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