5 Ways to Make Mornings More Fun

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5 Ways to Make Mornings More Fun

Start the day right for you and the entire family.

Ah, mornings. A lot of stories on self-help stress the importance of having a good — if not great — morning, as it sets the tone for the day. They suggest having a morning fun routine, something that gives us traction for the day ahead, like the “ready, get set” start of a race.

But parents know that mornings aren’t always how we want them to be. Mornings when school just started were different and easy: kids are excited and motivated to go to school and wear their uniform, see their friends.

Midway into the school year and they’re probably singing a different tune: it’s harder to get up, harder to move fast, harder to welcome the day happy. They’re no longer jumping out of bed, and this may take a toll on the parents, too.
What to do?
Here are 5 ways to make mornings more fun, as tried and tested by me:

1. Fix your bedtime routine

What happens the night before directly affects the morning after. It is crucial for your child to get enough hours of sleep and not be drowsy or dizzy in the morning. Check what time you put your kids to bed and do something about it tonight. Take away the gadgets and screens one hour before bedtime. Read or talk instead.

2. Wake up earlier than everyone else

It’s a parent’s job to be steps ahead of the children. This allows you time to have your own, solo morning routine before wearing that parent hat. It also allows you to prepare everything else — breakfast, lunch, etc. We recommend preparing the uniform and school bag the night before, but it can also be done in the morning.

3. Don’t wake your child frazzled

I have found that when I wake up my son Basti in a relaxed manner, he wakes up faster and more easily, versus the stressful way a former nanny would try to get him out of bed before (shaking, pushing, jolting, even slapping). I love seeing a smile on my son’s face as he wakes up, or at least get a “good morning, mommy” from him.

4. Stress the importance of respecting time

We are our children’s foremost teachers and trainers, and teaching them to move with the right pace in order to have enough time for breakfast and to go to school will eventually help them become prompt adults. I always tell my son how many minutes he has to bathe and to get dressed. Then we have a relaxed breakfast.

5. Have a meaningful morning conversation

Help your child set the tone for day by asking what he is looking forward to, what’s happening in school, how his friends are. This helps him look forward to the day ahead, as well as makes the morning even more meaningful for him since he is able to communicate with you. Shared experiences are precious.

Not all days are the same, and not all mornings are the same. It will take time for you and your family to adopt a new morning “system,” but it will eventually pay off.

On days when the morning doesn’t go as planned, keep your cool. It happens. The following morning, you can do it again. There will always be a new day.

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