Easy Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costumes for Kids

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Easy Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costumes for Kids

Mommy and child will have a blast putting these costumes together

It’s finally October! While the Philippines has begun celebrating the Christmas season, there are still other occasions before the birthday of Jesus Christ that Filipinos enjoy celebrating, one of which is Halloween.

Of course, Halloween and Trick or Treating would not be complete without a Halloween costume. Here are 5 easy DIY costume ideas that parents and their children can put together — bonding activity and a useful shared experience.

1. Box of Candy

What you'll need?
A large cardboard box
Craft paper
Non-toxic paint

How to put it together:
1. Cut holes for your child’s head and arms. Keep the bottom open for his legs
2. Cover the box with plain craft paper you can design and paint over
3. Draw the design your child wants then paint

2. Jack O' Lantern

What you'll need?
An oversized orange shirt
Sewing kit
Black felt paper
Hot glue

How to put it together:
1. Cut the sleeves off the shirt
2. Sew garter into the bottom of the shirt to make it bubble around your child’s hips or legs
3. Cut the eyes and mouth out of the black felt paper. Stick or sew onto the shirt.

3. Superhero

What you'll need?
A cape
Felt paper for superhero logo
Hot glue
Leotard and tights (add skirt if your child is a girl)

How to put it together:
1. What logo does your child want? Create the design on the felt paper and cut out. Make two.
2. Stick one logo onto the chest area of the leotard and the other one in the middle of the cape
3. For added effect, follow your kid around with a portable fan so that his or her cape will be moving while he or she is standing

4. Skeleton

What you'll need?
Black long-sleeve shirt and pants
White mask
White pleated ribbon
Hot glue or sewing kit
Non-toxic black paint

How to put it together:
1. Cut the pleated ribbon into pieces you can assemble on the shirt and pants as a skeleton
2. Depending on your preference, you can stick these pieces onto the shirt and pants using hot glue, or sew them
3. Use the paint to design the mask with a skeleton face

4. Mac n' Cheese

What you'll need?
An oversized bright yellow shirt
10 to 15 discarded tissue cardboard
Non-toxic bright yellow paint
Hot glue

How to put it together:
1. Paint the tissue cardboard in bright yellow paint
2. Once the paint is dry, stick the tissue cardboard onto the front and back of the shirt
3. If you have time, you can make a giant cardboard fork your child can hold while walking around, but this is just added effect

Which one are you making with your child for Halloween? Let us know. If you have other Halloween costume how-to’s, share them with us, too! Friso Four is the growing up milk that supports your child’s resilience as they discover their world. Give your growing child the freedom to explore with Friso Four milk.
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