Getting Creative with Your Child

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Getting Creative with Your Child

It is time to Experience More Together in the great outdoors!

Is your child very active now? Well, it is time to Experience More Together in the great outdoors! Parks make ideal venues for this. They’re relaxing environments where you can introduce your child to more of nature through activities like discovering the different types of insects, going on a treasure hunt and creating handrycrafts from items that they find in nature!

Bug hunt

Bring a book filled with pictures of insects that you could potentially find in the park. Together with your little one, go looking for these bugs. When you find them, observe how the insects move and what they do – and even encourage your child to touch them, if it’s safe.

Treasure time!

Here’s a chance to give your child the opportunity to run around and explore their own indepence. Take a seat at a bench and give them a list of items to find. This list should include twigs, leaves and pebbles. Then give your little one an idea of where to find them, making sure they’re always within view. Your child will love having a goal-orientated task to do and it will give them a sense of accomplishment!

Nature’s art

Don’t throw away the items that your child finds on their treasure hunt! You can use them to create a piece of art! First, cut a circle out of white cardboard, then decorate it with various water colours. After that, paste the leaves around the edge of the circle to make it look like a giant flower, even using the twigs as its stalk! Finally, place their handycraft flower among the real flowers to show them how proud you are!

Above all else though, remember to have fun together – and be sure to tell us all about your day at the park!

A day at the park with your little one isn’t just fun, but it’s also beneficial for you too! Research conducted by Dr Valerie Gladwell showed that greenery helps relieve stress and outdoor activities are great for preventing heart disease.

And, of course, there’s the benefits to your child too. In her article Preschoolers Need More Outdoor Play with Parents, psychologist Debbie Glasser, Ph.D., explained the benefits of mum and child playing together. Frequent outdoor activities, as well as artistic activities like making handycrafts improve their motor senses and creativity, and builds up self-confidence.

But be sure they get the right amount of nutrition before heading out to the park. According to, Vitamin C is great for developing endurance and protecting your child from infection. At their age, your child needs at least 15mg Vitamin C a day, so be sure they have a healthy serving of food like broccoli, strawberries and tomatos.
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