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Gifts That Keep Giving: Christmas Treats for Kids

Who says only toys can make kids happy? We have other ideas for you!

Christmas — parents today grew up being happy with aginaldo (Christmas bonus) in their Christmas stocking, or with a gift from “Santa Claus” under the Christmas tree.

For today’s children, it’s a different matter.

Kids today have access to technology that for some (or most) of them, gadgets are considered toys. They also know how to navigate the web and access sites that feature toys, even if it means getting these toys delivered from abroad.
No wonder Christmas has become one of the more stressful times of the year for some parents, especially those who work extra hard to make ends meet. Sure, there’s the Christmas bonus from work, but it’s not wise to spend all of that.
The good news is that there are presents parents can put together that are not merely material gifts kids will play with then grow tired of. These gifts allow the family to experience more together and leave lasting memories for the child.

1. Lessons

What classes has your child always wanted to take? This is a great opportunity to teach him that investing in one’s self improvement is one of the best gifts he or she can give himself or receive.

2. Movie with the whole family

When was the last time your entire family watched a movie together, and all with a big bucket of popcorn? Make the experience even more fun by bringing cousins along, especially those in the same age group as the child.

3. A Noche Buena (Christmas meal) menu planned by them

This is usually decided on by the parents, but what if you ask your child what they want on the menu? This helps them develop analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. You can even ask them to help out while preparing the dishes.

4. An extraordinary date

Taking children out on regular, one on one dates is suggested to parents. During Christmas, make the date extra special by taking him to a place of his choice or to somewhere you’ve never taken him before.

5. A collection

Remember when we were kids and we collected stickers, stationery, coins, and stamps? It was our treasure, and we learned to give value to things that had significance. Let your child experience the same, with something non-tech-related.

6. A dream trip

Has your child always wanted to see Taal Vocano, Mayon Volcano, the Banaue Rice Terraces, or Bohol’s Chocolate Hills? It would be a great learning experience for him. You can also take him on historical tours, such as the ones around Manila or Corregidor.

7. An adopted animal

Has your child always wanted a cat or a dog? Instead of buying from pet stores, go to the local shelter and get your child acquainted with rescues? Filipino cats and dogs are meant for the climate. Rescues are also loving and devoted, grateful for love.

Kresha Faber wrote in the website Nourishing Joy: “…spending time with our precious kiddos is a far greater gift than anything we can put in a gift bag anyway. They may not jump up and down with such grand enthusiasm on Christmas morning as gifts are unwrapped, but thirty years from now, they’ll still be talking about ‘that time you took me to see…’”

We completely agree.
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