Time for Bed, Time to Read: the Power of Story Time

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Time for Bed, Time to Read: the Power of Story Time

Story time benefits everyone, not just the child.

Story time benefits not just the child but the parents, too.

Bedtime stories are almost always told by one parent instead of two. This is how it is often depicted even in movies, and we’ve grown accustomed to it as the status quo.

But it doesn’t hurt to break the norm and have both parents there. If the rest of the family can join, that is even better. Story time benefits everyone, not just the child.

1. Cognitive skills and emotional bonding

Cognitive skills help us learn, remember, solve problems, and pay attention. These skills are developed in your child when you read to them.

For parents, meanwhile, being able to hold their child close is a kind of emotional reward. They can really enjoy their children and be able to answer questions, instead of having the child get answers from the Internet.

This spells the difference between the parents (or grandparents) reading to the child versus having just someone else do it.

2. Language skills and a love for reading

When children listen to someone read, they learn new words. They learn the proper enunciation and intonation, helping enhance their own reading skills.

For parents, this is a way of relieving stress and having fun with your child. You need to love the story you’re reading, otherwise your child will sense it and not benefit from the experience as much as they could.

It is important to read age-appropriate books, especially if there is more than one child and the children are of varying ages.

3. Imagination and unforgettable shared experiences

When we read to our child — even with the use of books with illustrations — their imagination goes on overdrive and we take them to new worlds. This helps in brain development. It also helps them process thoughts.

For the parents, it is a way of making memories that will last a lifetime without having to spend a lot.

Reading together is simple and easy; one of the best ways the family can spend time together. Make story time a part of your bedtime routine, a ritual you cannot do without.

Discuss the story again in the morning to reinforce lessons learned and help your child develop a love for reading. He’ll reap the benefits until he grows up.

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