The big reason why Friso created

LockNutri® Technology:

Tiny tummies.

Developing tiny tummies are more sensitive, that is why it's important to understand what goes into your child's diet.
At Friso, we believe natural nutrients are easy to digest. LockNutri® Technology uses mild heat treatment during formula production to help preserve the milk protein as close as possible to its natural structure, leading to easy digestion. Learn how LockNutri® Technology helps with easy digestion in your child's tiny tummy.

Preserve natural nutrients

in your own kitchen*

Giving your child the right foods is important. But it is just as crucial to use the right process to preserve their natural nutrients. Learn why this matters in our Friso Nutritorials.

Because mums know best.

Here's what mums around the world think about Friso,
and how it makes a difference to their children's tiny tummies.
Bee Yung

Bee Yung

I give my child more fresh fruits, vegetables, enough water for hydration and Friso milk.
Cathy Cheung

Cathy Cheung

After my child drinks Friso, there's more nutrition and his bowel movements are smoother.
Ka ka

Ka Ka

On top of giving my child Friso milk, I make sure my child has a balanced diet with more vegetables and fruits.
Kaka Leung

Kaka Leung

Friso milk powder improves my child's gastrointestinal health!
Mandy Wong

Mandy Wong

After drinking Friso milk, my child's digestion is better.
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